Soldier General Purpose Enamel

Soldier General Purpose (GP) Enamel

Soldier GP Enamel is solvent based general purpose enamel recommended for primed interior made of wood, metal - can be used for interior walls too.

Features & Benefits

  • Good gloss
  • Good flow and finish
  • Tough and durable film

Surface Preparation

  • Sand and clean the surface to remove dirt, grease, loose flaking material, etc.
  • Apply a coat of suitable Soldier Oil Primer (Solvent Thinnable) or Soldier Red Oxide Metal Primer.
  • Apply Putty (wherever required) to level the dents and make the surface uniform.
  • Apply again a coat of primer.

Thin 1 litre paint with up to 200 ml pure turpentine. Apply 2-3 coats with an interval of min. 8 hrs in between successive coats by brush, roller or spray.

Technical Data

*Actual coverage may vary depending on method & condition of application, surface roughness