Exterior Emulsion Paint - Soldier


Soldier Exterior Emulsion has been specially designed for application on exterior walls in dry or moderately humid climatic conditions. It offers good coverage, good washability and fungal resistance characteristics.

Features & Benefits

  • Economical water thinnable coating
  • Better outdoor durability
  • Smooth and pleasing finish
  • Superior performance, compared to cement paint

Surface Preparation

  • Scrub the surface thoroughly with stiff wire brushing, followed by cleaning with high pressure water jet.
  • All structural cracks must be opened in V shape and filled with White Cement plaster / cement based plaster. All leakages should be fixed. Freshly plastered surfaces must be allowed to cure completely.
  • In case of fungus affected areas apply a liberal coat of Nerolac Fungicidal wall wash solution and allow it to react for 6-8 Hrs.
  • Priming should be done with Soldier Universal Primer or self priming by mixing it with 100% volume of clean water.
  • Application of Nerolac Air Drying Clear sealer is recommended on highly absorbent surface like roof tiles, chalky surface, etc.

Thin 1 litre paint with maximum 700-750 ml of clean water. Apply 2 to 3 coats with an interval of 4-6 hrs by brush or roller. Dark shade may require additional coat. For horizontal surfaces and Parapet tops application of 3 coats is recommended for better protection.

Technical Data

*Actual covering capacity may vary depending upon the method & condition of application, surface condition, temperature, wind velocity, application skills, surface roughness, surface porosity & shade.